The Course



In December of 1923, the Fairmount Park Commissioners decided that the development of a new public golf course would be located on a 66-acre tract along Tacony Creek extending to Juniata Park. According to one newspaper report, this decision came after "a fight of five years during which the local golf body and golfers generally have exerted every means at their command to have Philadelphia take its place in the development of public golf with other cities."
In 1923 outgoing Philadelphia Mayor Kendrick cited the initial steps toward development of Juniata Golf Course as the outstanding business achievement of the year 1923 for the Fairmount Park Commission saying that, "the terrain will make possible the construction of one of the most up-to-date golf courses in the country."
The course was laid out on 66 acres plus 40 acres from Tacony Creek park as planned by Alan D. Corson, Fairmount Park's Chief Engineer "in conjunction with local golf architects." In commenting in 1925 on the design, Mr. Corson said, "a public course should be easy to play around and with this in mind we planned the links in Tacony Creek Park to be less difficult than Cobb's Creek... An easy course permits more people to play on it." Juniata Golf Course opened to the public on July 14, 1927, with 9 holes completed. By Memorial Day, 1930, all 18 holes were completed and open to the public.